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Sewage Treatment Plants are classified according design capacity in terms of population equivalent (PE) as shown in Table 1.1. Sewage treatment was design for process domestic sewage from housing development and commercial area. The content of sewage is waste material from human such as feces and urine.

Table 1.1: Classification of Treatment Plant Capacity.
Classification PE
Class 1 ≤1000
Class 2 1001 – 5000
Class 3 5001 – 20000
Class 4 >20000

How to design sewage treatment plants according design capacity? Here, we Leading Global are specializes in providing design according MSIG. We are providing Fine Bubble Diffuser Air Extended Aeration System (EA), Oxidation Ditch Activated Sludge System (OD), Sequencing Batch Reactor System (SBR) and Small Sewage Treatment System (SSTS).
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